St Thomas Strings

Saint Thomas Orchestral Strings

Saint Thomas Strings is a collection of string ensembles recorded in the amazing Saint Thomas Cathedral at Bastyr University in Northern Washington State in the US. The cathedral is 48 feet tall and features unusual near-perfect acoustics that attract frequent recording sessions for Hollywood films. Scores for "Brokeback Mountain," "About Schmidt," "Mr. Holland's Opus," "Mirror Mirror,", and orchestral tracks for Dave Matthews album have been recorded here. The cathedral is wired so that a modified bus configured for recording can pull up and plug into the pre wired snake to track the performance. Four pairs of microphones, both on stage and in the hall, were used to capture various size sections that are recombined.

Microphone pairs - Neumann KM140, AMS250 Soundfield, B&K4001, & Schoeps KFM6U

Saint Thomas Strings Instrument Listing

10 Celli Pizzicato Vel

10 Celli Pizzicato

10 Celli Spiccato

10 Celli

10 Violas

12 Basses & 15 Violas

12 Basses & 15 Violins

15 Violins

4 Basses & 5 Violins Pizz Spic

4 Basses Pizzicato Vel

4 Basses Pizzicato

4 Basses Spiccato

4 Basses

5 Celli Detache

5 Celli Spiccato

5 Celli

5 Violas Pizzicato Vel

5 Violas Pizzicato

5 Violas Spiccato

5 Violas

5 Violins Pizzicato Vel

5 Violins Pizzicato

5 Violins Spiccato

8 Basses

Celli & Tron Strings

Detache Strings

Elka Rhapsody

Full Section 1

Full Section 2

Full Section 3

Futurama Sections

Hybrid Blend

Lush Strings

Mellotron & Solina

Modern Blend

Modern Celli Blend

Orchestra & Tron

Pizzicato Sections

Section Legato Detache Vel

Section Legato Detache Whl

Section Legato Spiccato Vel

Section Legato Spiccato Whl

Section Strings 1

Section Strings 2

Sectional Styles

Sections & Solina Strings

Solina Strings

Spiccato Sections

Spiccato Tron Strings

String Rhapsody

Tron & Solina