Wurlitzer EP

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Ben F. Meissner patented his string-less piano design in 1932. Mr. Meissner sold his design to the Everett Piano Company who further developed his ideas and later resold their improved design to the Wurlitzer Organ Company. The Wurlitzer electric piano utilized felt covered hammers which struck metallic reeds. (The reeds are tuned with blobs of solder and a file.) A magnetic pickup system converted the tone into electric energy and a small amplifier drove the built in speakers on the front of the piano. The Wurlitzer piano sounds very different from the Rhodes piano and has enjoyed great success, especially during the 1960s and 1970s. The Wurlitzer piano can be heard on Ray Charles? classic ‘What I’d Say’ recorded in 1959. Supertramp, Steely Dan and Little Feat also made extensive use of the classic Wurlitzer sound in their many great recordings. 188 Megabytes

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